Investigative Services

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Surveillance Operations

With advanced surveillance skills and broad area knowledge, our investigators have accumulated thousands of hours of covert mobile and static coverage in a wide variety of settings. We are equipped with the necessary covert video equipment and industry appropriate vehicles to assure a discreet and professional investigation.

Our work has been entered as evidence at all levels of court systems in British Columbia. Detailed reports and video evidence are made available at the conclusion of each file.

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Open Source Investigations

As a complement to surveillance or as a stand-alone investigation, our online research tools and techniques can help shed light on an individual’s past, current and even future activities. Open source intelligence (OSINT) draws on information gathered from publicly available sources which may include court documents, evidence of criminal charges and traffic infractions, property ownership and business interests, and social media presence.

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Family and Workplace Concerns

Whether it’s suspicious spousal activity, a dispute within the family leading to questionable behaviour, or simply due diligence required regarding business investments or human resource functions, we will apply our investigative skills to provide you with evidence to support a confident and actionable decision.

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Tenant Screening

We can provide information that may assist in determining whether your applicants are likely to pay their rent on time and take care of your property. Our screening process will determine whether your applicant has been through civil, traffic or criminal court systems in British Columbia; ascertain any liens/loans and confirm business ownership.

General internet and social media searches can help to establish an applicant’s character and reliability and inquiries with previous or current landlords may outline details which guide you to the right decision.